How to Make Friends as a Homosexual

homo-friends-2  How has coming out as a homosexual worked out for you?

You lost some friends, and since then it has been difficult to make friends.

You are not alone in this since the society has not fully accepted the subject of differences in sexual orientation and a third danger.

Well, at first it will be a hard job making friends, and you may have to live in solitude for a while.

But good thing there are social networking locations like the LA LGBTQ Center.

But hang in there, you are about to learn how to make friends as a homosexual.

Keep away from negative people


Some friends and family are hardliners when it comes to sexual orientation.

They will always bring some air of negativity around you.

If you want to make meaningful friends, it is time to get rid of negative people.

They will make your life a mess, and you will blame yourself for everything.

Surround yourself with positive people.

It is from them where you can make genuine friends.

Without any negativity in your life; it will become easy to connect with people and make friends.

Do not close doors for strangers

It should not surprise you that some of your best friends were once strangers.

As you go out meeting new people, be open to new friendships.

They may be people you are meeting for the first time, but you should give them a chance to be friends.

Let old meaningless friends go

After announcing your sexual orientation as a gay or lesbian, some friends will halfheartedly stick with you.

You can tell this from their change of attitude towards you.

It is time you let go of such friends who do not fully embrace you as you are.

Leave them and go out looking for new friends who will not judge you in their mind.

Some time letting go is the only way you can open doors for new friendships.


Reach out to your kind

It will not be easy for those who are not like you to accept your friendship.

Instead of wasting time winning over people who hardly understand your situation, reach out to the LGBT community.

These are people like you and will not have any preconditions for friendship.

They will happily embrace you.

This is one place where you can get genuine friends.

Join social media groups with people like you

There is a lot of love in online groups that support homosexuals.

If you are finding it hard to make friends from those you interact with in your daily life, it may be advisable to look outside the box.

Social media has made it easy for people with the same values to come together, be friends, and unite for the same purpose.

Bottom line

It should not be a hard task making friends as a homosexual.

You only need to believe in yourself and hold your head high.

Do not be desperate to win over others to your side.

Whoever wants to be your friends will come to you.

Do not let anyone look down on you for being your true self.

Stick only with those who value your friendship and accept you for who you are.