How to Prevent STDs and STIs as a Homosexual

If you thought that as a homosexual you do not have to worry about STDs and STIs, nothing could be further from the truth.

As long as you are sexually active, the risk of these infections hangs around your neck all the time.

You should start taking good care of yourself and knowing the kind of partners you are sleeping with.

There are no two ways around this; it is for you to look out for yourself.

This post details for you the various ways you can prevent STDs and STIs as a homosexual.

Read on and be safe the next time you decide to get beneath sheets.

Know both of your statuses

Do not be too quick to jump to bed with your new gay/lesbian friend.

Take time to know each other, especially his/her sex life.

Talk freely about STIs and STDs and before you have sex, go for testing.

This will help start your relationship on honest note, and you will never be at the risk of infections.

Use protection every time you have sex

Condoms are an affordable and effective way of preventing STDs and STIs.

Gays have no excuse to face the risk of infection when all they have to wear is a condom.

For lesbians, a dental dam is adequate to keep the infections at bay.

Do not put your sexual life in danger when all you need is a simple device to stay safe.

You should make sure that sex toys are thoroughly sterilized before and after use.

Be faithful

Having multiple sexual partners as a homosexual puts you in the risk of infections.

You do not know who else your partners are sleeping with.

This chain of sexual partners amplifies the chance of getting an infection.

It is time you settle for one partner and be faithful to him or her.

Keeping your sex circle small will greatly limit your chances of sexually
transmitted infections and diseases.

Skip alcohol if you will have sex

Getting drunk and getting laid are two things that should not mix if you want to prevent Sexual infections and diseases.

Alcohol impairs your ability of judgment, and you can make a real mess of things without knowing.

To keep this away from happening, keep off alcohol when you know sex will be your end game for the night.

Statistics show that sexual infections are rampant among people who drink alcohol.

You do not want to walk down this path with your homosexual partner.

Get regular checks

The worst thing you can do to your gay/lesbian relationship is sitting on an infection.

It is paramount that you get regular checks.

This will help you know your status and try to lead a positive life.

When you discover that you are infected, you should immediately get necessary medication.

Regular checks will keep you aware of your status and motivate you to stay healthy and safe.


Do not let STDs and STIs ruin your homosexual relationship.

Keep the sex safe all the time by taking care of your partner and yourself.

It does not take much of an effort to lock out sex infections; follow the tips in this post and being a gay or lesbian will never be something you regret.